Jatonvoice modems are a cheap option. Technical support from Jaton is poor however. See the comments on the Voice Modems and Telephony Devices page. Lucent modems are usually reliable, but have been known to misinterpret telephone DTMF tones. Please check the Maestro website for driver updates if you have problems.

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It does seem the more recent modems do work well since Creative overcame problems with Windows XP. Swann i56lvp-f40 modems have been tested and work well. This file includes a video on installing the drivers in Windows XP. Technical support i56lvp-f40 Jaton is poor however. These are very popular voice modems and we have many and mixed reports. If you have one of these modems, please i56lvp-f40 i56lvpf40 reports to us via i56lvp-f40 Contact Us i56lvp-f40.

If you find a voice modem that works which is i56lvp-f40 listed, or a voice modem which does not work please post your comments on the Modems Support and Discussion Forum. The default Windows plug-and-play detection installs the wrong drivers which do not work.

Recommended Voice Modems (Specific Models)

Lunar voice modems generally work well. They i56lvp-f40 not support caller ID however. Jatonvoice modems i56lvp-f40 a cheap i56lvp-f40. We have received good reports about these but we are not sure that all features eg CID are supported by their i56lvp-f40. You can buy some voice modems online.

A zip file containing Windows NT4. Models are available with caller ID we have not tested them yet.

i56lvp f40 Driver

Lucent modems are usually reliable, but have been i56lvp-f40 to misinterpret telephone DTMF tones. Conexant brand voice modems. See the comments on the Voice I56lvp-f40 and Telephony Devices i56lvp-f40.

We have received positive user reports i56lvp-f40 several models: I56lvp-f40 driver installation can be difficult i56lvp-f40 make sure you i56lgp-f40 any drivers from previous modems before i56lvp-f40. You will help out other users who need to decide what modem to buy. Make sure you manually install the drivers following the instuctions provided in the manual.

One customer has i56lvp-f40 reported hook flash problems. Please check the Maestro website for driver updates if you have problems. Web site is poor. You should use the updated driver available from zoom technical i56lvp-f40 some modems were shipped with defective inf files. Creative technical support has also advised that i56lcp-f40 cannot change the i56lvp-40 flash-hook times for call transfers so don’t purchase a creative modem if you want to be able to transfer calls.

Make sure the modem is a voice modem before selecting it.