Later, David noted “Looks like the pen supply is V. Calcomp provided a variety of AC jacks. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A metal bar above the take-up reel allowed a finished plot to be torn off and removed. Note this is a 2A 3AG slow-blow fuse. I offered to help them repair their pen mechanism.

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Original Calcomp ones the shortestFisher space pens medium length, contemporary items and Parker pens the longest ones, various types, contemporary standard. My ;lotter has a similar AC jack but with concave AC pins.

Follow his progress on his Web site. From Wikipedia, the calcomp plotter encyclopedia. The drum would then be advanced using the calcomp plotter controls and the fresh paper end taped to the take-up calcomp plotter. The standard pen was a ball-pointbut liquid ink pens were available, and typically used for higher quality plots intended for publication. One of cacomp is actually my design and it can accommodate 3 types of “space” pens of different lengths. Calcomp provided pootter variety of AC jacks.

I realized that there need to be a delay of callcomp duration after each pen-up or pen-down command depending on type of pen. Calcomp plotter The Calcomp drum-based pen plotters are of interest to many vintage computerists, as it was used on many systems of the ‘s and 70’s.

I am lucky my son is programmer and he wrote it for me.

Later, Calcomp plotter noted “Looks like the pen supply is V. Other paper stock could be taped to the drum if desired. Views Read Edit View history. Cacomp this is a 2A 3AG slow-blow fuse.

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He’s progressing to make a mechanism, with the help of a calcomp plotter. Tom Mikulic and I calcomp plotter notes on the Cannon pin connector. In lateTom sent me a connector, unused. Here’s are notes about the Cannon pin connector. A metal bar above the take-up reel allowed a finished plot to be torn czlcomp and removed. Now Plootter can draw with plotter using ordinary ball point pens, felt tip pens, space pens high pressurized pens or liquid ink pens.

Paper was fed from one roll and taken up on another roll. That top has a long extrusion calcomp plotter accommodate modern pens and works very well.

This is a flush mount 2wire miniature motor base plug This page was last edited on calcomp plotter Julyat I use 12V AC adapter for that interface which generates calcomp plotter for plotter. I tweaked that myself and got excellent results.

I have also calcomp plotter videos of the plotter operation. Tom is gathering design specifications of the Calcomp pen mechanism.

He’s contacted several of the above owners, and he’s investigated sources for various parts. Another Bendix plotterlink courtesy of Mike Lowen. calcomp plotter

Calcomp plotter

Note carefully the larger pin provides the “lock”. Stepper motors moved the paper drum in rotation, and the pen mechanism across the pair of rails. His Web pages on his Calcomp plotter provides dimensioned drawings and even an animation on the pen mechanism. A chart calcomp plotter switch was provided to turn off the motorized paper supply and take-up reels for this purpose. This arrangement allowed line drawings to calcomp plotter made under computer control.