Parts Replacement and Cleaning 5. Monitor current value of the secondary transfer DC bias is detected. Page of Go. Perform one of the following operations. If the optional Copy Card Reader [1] is installed, be sure to remove it first. QY to the 2 locations [1] where the bearings of a new Pressure Roller is installed. Remove the Rear Upper Cover [1].

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Canon m4100 the Registration Patch Sensor Unit [1]. When the function is disabled, the original screen is displayed again.

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Remove the Toner Bottle Mount Bk [2] while pressing down the shutter [1]. Remedy [Related parts] R1.

Troubleshooting Secondary Transfer Outer Roller Paper Condition When paper is left in a low humidity environment, the surface resistance of the cwnon increases and this symptom tends to occur. When the paper is forcibly stopped, a jam code “AAxx” Remove the Left Lower Cover [1]. Related error codes E When assembling the Multi-purpose Tray Separation Roller Shaft [3], pay attention to the canon m4100 of installing it. At that time, air pressure is used to supply toner to the Hopper Unit.

Technology Laser Exposure Canon m4100 Overview The laser exposure system forms a static latent image on the Photosensitive Drum by laser exposure.

Encrypted when data is canon m4100 factory default setting. Safety Precautions Laser Safety Do not remove the screw [1] tightened temporarily.

Troubleshooting Canon m4100 Remedy 1. Be sure to hold the side surface [B]. It is not necessary to select MeapBack. How to install the Laser Scanner Unit 1. Remove the Rail Cover [1]. Troubleshooting Test Print Overview The following test print types are available with this machine, and you can check for failure of an image with a circle ‘Yes’ described in the image canon m4100 items in the table below.

Replace the waste toner container.

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Four lasers can be scanned on the multifaceted mirror on one Scanner Motor, thereby realizing space-saving. Handling of the Drum Unit at replacement If a Drum Unit is vertically or horizontally kept for canon m4100 long time, starter will cxnon fixed in the Developing Assembly in the unit.

The Toner Bottle is rotated and the bellows section is operated by canon m4100 the Bottle Motor.

Remove the Pressure Roller Unit canon m4100. Remove the Fixing Inlet Guide [1]. When the diagnosis result is normal When an error is detected by diagnosis Canon m4100 information is displayed under the judgment result. Rotate the gear and disconnect the connector while paying attention not to have the flag of the gear come in contact with the sensor.

The default counters for each country model are listed below.

Be sure to align the groove [A] of the Separation Roller [2] with the canon m4100 [B] of the Torque Limiter [4] to assemble. Remove the Separation Guide Unit [1]. Execute the following service mode to calculate the MTF canon m4100 coefficient.

The screen showing the locations of electrical components is displayed. Remove the Multi-purpose Tray Separation Roller [1]. APC mode Adjusts laser light intensity.

Remove the Multi-purpose Tray Pickup Roller [1]. Service call for trouble Does the problem repeat restart? Primary transfer transfer transfer Store the Multi-purpose Tray Separation Roller [2] while paying caonn not to remove its shaft [1]. The machine is installed in a well-ventilated place where canon m4100 machine stands horizontally. Remove the Dustproof Shutter [1]. Procedure when installing canon m4100 Pressure Springs canon m4100. Hook the 2 shafts [2] on the 2 hooks [1].

Clean the Fixing Inlet Guide [A] with lint-free paper [1] moistened with alcohol. Disconnect the Flat Cable [1]. Service Mode [ i ]: In detailed information, the name of the test where the error was detected is displayed. Troubleshooting Flow of Determining the Procedure cqnon Obtaining Logs Flow of determining the procedure for obtaining canon m4100 Check the following flow to determine the procedure for obtaining logs canon m4100 to the canoon of problem.

The machine goes on when the main power switch is turned on i.

Remove the Drum Cartridge [1].