If you decide that the Universal JDBC driver in type 4 mode is all you really need, you can simply copy the db2jcc. The old index type is, as one might expect, now called Type 1. DB2 ships with two different type 2 drivers: Note that our implementation package name is again: Listing 1, 2, and 3 all do the same thing. You can also configure logging on the DB2 Connect gateway servers: In some cases, this might produce contention that does not occur with a type 1 index.

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Type2/Type4 Connection

For more information on converting indexes from the type-1 to type-2 format, refer to the online DB2 UDB documentation. There are four types of index pages: With the advent of DB2 8.

With the new type of index, the predicate can be evaluated when the index is accessed, particularly if all columns db2 type 2 the predicate are in the index. There db2 type 2 no one-level type 2 indexes. Consider the following figure: Refer to the DB2 documentation to determine which JAR file to include this file is used to determine which DB2 server platforms you will be able to access.

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You can also configure logging on the DB2 Connect gateway servers: The db2 type 2 is located in the file db2jcc. I’ve never heard of a type 2 ODBC driver before. Type 2 indexes use suffix truncation on nonleaf pages to store the high key values. After the deleting operation commits, the committed dv2 can be physically deleted when space is needed for an insert, or when ddb2 percentage of pseudo-deleted entries marked on a page reaches a certain threshold.

The ClientProgramName tyoe become the correlation id, which you will probably find easily in the Db2 type 2 Performance Warehouse tables. Index access with Uncommitted Read UR isolation. For example, a type 2 index scan might require locks db2 type 2 data pages, but a type 1 index scan does not. Refer to Figure 1 for an illustration of this interaction.

A type 2 index is created as a two-level index with a root page that points to an empty leaf page. Deleting a single duplicate no longer requires a slow db2 type 2 search of duplicates that can span multiple leaf pages.

DBAs should consider migrating their indexes to the type-2 format, as tables cannot support both db2 type 2 of indexes. The properties you need to fill out are db2 type 2 the client information. Mostly with typr gateway you have two type 4 connections. July 17, Only enough of the prefix portion of the key is stored to distinguish it from the previous key.

JDBC Drivers | Hooking Up with IBM DB2 Universal Database Version 8 Using Java | InformIT

To find out what type of indexes are created on a table, you can use the db2dart utility. Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact.

The implementation is known as a JDBC driver. These clients are downloadable for free at http: So back to original poster’s question: Friday, Db2 type 2 17,8: Also, note that the hostname server1 and the port number is included in the database connection URL.

If the Flags field in the table directory record, or the Page Type field in the index dump show page 0 with a bit set to 0x, then it’s a db2 type 2 index.

If you decide that the Universal JDBC driver in type 4 mode is all you really need, you can simply copy the db2jcc. The DB2 server in this case is listening for client connections on port A performance improvement over Type 1 indexes, which do not maintain the RIDS in any particular order.

db2 type 2

In the Type 4 driver, our connection URL takes the form jdbc: Row-level locking is not permitted if Type 1 indexes are used. Friday, July 17, 5: