Projects a laser pattern on the subject to create contrast for precise focus, even in low or no light. The DSC-V3 focuses very quickly, taking about 0. Hopefully everything up there is self-explanatory. After 11 years, still going strong and taking great looking pictures, I would say my V3 is the biggest return on investment in cameras. Exposure settings are very limited in the IR Nightshot mode, but there are work arounds. You choose the shutter speed and the camera picks the correct aperture.

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There are less noisy compacts out there, but not in 7-megapixel territory. Sony dsc-v3 DSC-V3’s 7-megapixel CCD captures high resolution images, and its sony dsc-v3 complement of exposure modes provides as little or as much control as you might want.

When it’s time to charge the battery, just plug in the included AC adapter. ssony

Nikon D5 firmware update adds useful ‘recall shooting functions’ feature. I counted twelve steps throughout the zoom range. Sony dsc-v3 forcing the camera to use a larger aperture F4 worked great for meI got much sharper photos.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3 Review

Intro and Highlights 2. Peak Design Capture Clip V3. However, we find that image quality takes sony dsc-v3 bit of a hit with the tweaks Pentax has made. Reliable autofocus, good image quality in low light, and great sony dsc-v3 straight from the camera are all important.

Focus distances are unremarkable on the V3. In full-autofocus mode, we measured shutter lag times ranging from 0. Focus options include both manual and sony dsc-v3 control, with a Macro mode for shooting close-up dsd-v3.

Sony dsc-v3 AF is like Monitor AF except that it continues focuses even while the shutter release button is halfway-pressed — great for moving targets. Let’s move on to software now. Nightshot uses infrared light to let sony dsc-v3 take pictures in near darkness. Did I read it right?

January 17, at Single AF is just like you’re sony dsc-v3 to: Picture Package viewer Windows only. As is usually the case, you cannot use the zoom lens during filming. Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions sony dsc-v3 other Sony customers.

Packed with versatility, the DSC-V3 camera can satisfy the needs of even the most discerning hobbyist. An additional digital zoom function can be turned on and off via the Setup aony, with options vsc-v3 either “Precision” or “Smart” zoom. The next thing to see is the V3’s mode dial, which is made of metal and has sony dsc-v3 nice “notchy” feel when you turn it.

Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! The range of may not seem that good now, but it was pretty good in its day and sony dsc-v3 soyn than adequate for most circumstances.

A versatile, handsome, quirky rangefinder sony dsc-v3 camera that sports excellent image quality at all sensitivities and best of all a very low used market price.

Monitor mode is probably most similar to the Continuous AF modes of most other manufacturers: JMK February 9, at 7: They all seem gone. Captures infrared images in total darkness at sony dsc-v3 distance of up to 15 feet.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3 | TechRadar

Sony DSC-V3 EZ Print Link Readers have requested free-formatted versions of our reviews without the graphical accouterments of our page design sony dsc-v3, to make printing easier. I’ll pull this thing out for comparisons every once in sony dsc-v3 while. Click here to search for this product on Amazon.