Tomorrow when I get up I’ll try to fix that issue and then, I’ll post my solution here, in case that it’s of help to others. Number Function 0 No action only movement 1 Left button click 2 Middle Button click 3 Right Button click 4 Scroll up one click equals one step of scroll wheel in my logitech mouse 5 Scroll down. The tablet is not supported by this driver 3. Configuring the buttons on the pen Special thanks to riesenpixel for writing the following part about the button-configuration. Cursor reveals if to move pen out and bring it back to tablet Clicking does weird things or the cursor jumps I have problems not solved by the above troubleshooting Related articles Recent versions of Ubuntu Most tablets should be detected automatically in recent versions of Ubuntu.

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Once the tablet gets disconnected from USB, or after long periods of inactivity, it loses pressure sensitivity. Benius, our tablets do not support to Adobe Acrobat DC. The pen seems to be recognized perfectly and I’m able to move the pointer with it.

Recent versions of Ubuntu

The time now is I’ve not tried the other input modes. In Windows, there is a file and a toolbox that will open and it can easily write on tablet and see on computer.

Weren’t we supposed to abandon in part the need of configuring the xorg.

If I configure my tablet analog to that guide, its still in some kind of absolute mode, the cursor jumps if I touch the tablet somewhere. Explicitly defining X11’s CorePointer Device prevented auto-configuration of the tablet, leaving Wizardpen the only driver using the device the desired behavior. May 5th, 1. Physical Button Button Code 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 genijs For example, if you now want to change the middle button and the right button, execute the following command: Use the value for rc.

Known tablets working with the Wizardpen-driver

Pressure sensitivity works, but is not calibrated well The section we inserted into xorg. It’s weird because in the last versions of Ubuntu I hadn’t needed to alter this file in order to make my tablet work, only in the oldest ones.

Find the name of the device you want to change, e. After adding a signature panel, close the Handwriting Tool.

GraphicsTablet/MousePen-8×6 – Ubuntu Wiki

Always with help from the great Ubuntu community documentation, of course https: May 5th, 2. May 5th, 3. The tablet does not work in Adobe Illustrator and there are some pen options that are greyed out. Did you install the latest driver?

Setting up your tablet General information Installing needed packages Downloading and installing the driver Calibration Calibration output Setting up X Optional: The driver is not properly installed 2.

I experienced something like that in the past, when testing other drivers. This is normal when using it.

input – Genius Graphics tablet (WPU) not working on Debian – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Non-USB tablets are not covered by this guide. You could use the pen and mouse as an alternative. Join our community today!

The tablet only supports the basic function of pen pressure in Illustrator CC program. If the 8xx6 is the same, the tablet is broken and you need to contact customer support for assistance. Module present, but with compilation-errors: If you don’t have an account, then email me: Check the laptop if it can recognize the tablet or not and the driver is the latest version. Page History Login to edit. I had exactly the same symptoms: Finally, download the latest version driver to see if this helps.