E-Mail Notification ConfigurationThis sets a function for notifying the machine status, errors, etc. To make the settings, use the key operator mode. Chapter 4 Setting from the Control Panel.. This is a feature in Apple’s operating systems. The Zone Name should not exceed 32 characters. Touch the [] or [] key on the LCD screen to switch the screen. When you touch []or [], the screen display is switched.

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Windows 10 Support Information. The situation is, i have four PC’s that are networked through a 8 port switch. Touch the[Password] key and input the password in the [Data Input] screen.

Up to 47 alphanumerics and symbols can be input as the [Login]. This manual assumes that the user is familiar with basic computer and copy machine operations.

To access the E-Mail Extended Configuration page, follow these steps: For details on the procedure for resetting, refer to [ The Web Utility may be inaccessible when proxy is set on the Web browser. User mail addressEnter the user ID with the ten-key on the control panel. Network Setup ListThis explains oonica settings required when connecting the copier to the network.

Location1Touch the [Location] key.

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Protocol InformationWill be able to confirm whether each of the following protocols are enabled or disabled. To access the Reset page, follow these steps: Registering Destinations8Input the location of a kknica folder. Scanning DocumentsChecking settingsThis checks a list of the set functions.

Displays restrictions of combinedfunctions. This is a feature in Apple’s operating systems. When destinations are manually input, up to destinations can be set, including destinations selected from theLDAP server. This page displays the Protocol Information and the Network Information.

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These functions are password-protected. Page V AppendixThis section covers product specifications forthe network scanner and the index. Up to 26 alphanumerics can be input for the file name. When konkca optional hard disk is connected, the [Mail Box] is set. The filename extension [. The subject and text body selected by default are displayed for [Subject] and [Body].

Enter the address, login password,etc. AirPrint This is a feature in Apple’s operating systems.

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To alter any of the DNS settings, follow these steps: V AppendixThis section covers product specifications forthe network scanner and the index. Scanner Initial SettingsOriginal direction defaultThis sets whether or koniica to automatically rotate images imported in with the scanner.

The factory default is [Not valid] scanning is possible whether or not the key counter is present.

Are you in United States? The factory default is [YES].

The printer functions are set by displaying the printer settings screen. The default settings selected here can be changed by the user when using the LDAP search function. Use [] and [] to switch the screen.

Touch the [] or 722 key to switch to the input character type screen.