I was able to get it to boot to a prompt, but was not able to access the box in any way. If the tape drive is not powered ON, the system boots without any problem. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. Booting from CD or when upgrade, when the “boot: If not, upgrade the kernel and start over.

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Verify that the LSI Logic adapter is detected. Logical unit not accessible, target port in standby lodaing Mar 13 Check the boot loader configuration and install the boot loader again. Has it been resolved. Earlier kernels might have the mptscsih driver, but they do not support this adapter.

mptsas load errors when trying to install XenServer 6.5

Automatic translation This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people. If it is in Power ON condition, the system gets messages like scsi – aborting command due to timeout: Also, loadinh kind of virtualization are you running on?

Here’s another mptscsig different vm, same host, also Linux in this case, the storage wasn’t gone, but the host was under heavy load: Think this is related? If no errors appear, verify with lsmod that both mptscsih and mptbase are installed, and continue. ELsmp kernel stock duel xeon processors Any fix to this?

– Boot fails with SCSI ABORT IO messages when loading mptscsih module with SMP kernel

Using configuration type 1 PCI: I just received info from a customer Baaderbank what IBM is saying: If the SMP kernel boots with the U2 kernel we will do some further investigations. Don’t have it emulate a scsi disk? ELcnnhugemem contains patch from bug My feeling is that we willbe prioritizing the xfortest. You might see different results on different distributions. Comment 33 Tim Burke Comment 13 Oliver Paukstadt Citrix is not responsible for inconsistencies, errors, or damage incurred as a result of the use of automatically-translated articles.

mptsas load errors when trying to install XenServer

I have found a timeout, which appears to have a default of 30 seconds on most systems. These are the errors dmesg: Enabling interrupts during APM calls. I am currently testing to see if it performs properly. Again, I’ve not confirmed that this is exactly the timeout my vms are running into or that this is the only timeoutbut given that I’ve put the system under high load the kind of load that used to trigger hdd timeouts and no hdd timeout has occurred yet although network timeouts have, like beforeit certainly seems like this might at least be part of the solution.

Comment 15 Jason Tolsma I’m also doubtful that your primary hdd is showing up as MPT. Discovered peer bus 02 PCI: Comment 36 Samuel Benjamin Kernel does not support the LSI Logic adapter.

Please pick up that fix. ELsmp, this caused the same problem as before. It is used for larger systems that may grow above 8 CPUs. The following steps apply to existing virtual machines running Red Hat Linux mpptscsih.