I’m a stickler for the drivers. I have about 5 of them. On any proper mousing surface that isn’t shiny or see-through, though, there’s no difference between the basic tracking abilities of any of these mouses, and the Explorer 3. L,R, Scroll wheel, 2 side buttons one on each side , application button Scroll wheel feel: There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Inside, the circuit board is understandably somewhat congested. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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Optical Mice: The Fall/Winter Collection

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The end result is a substantial increase in performance that, although appreciable by the casual users amongst us, will be most cherished by enthusiast gamers and professional artists.

The max dpi logitecy me better control than the gimmicky dpi on the g, and provides a more cinematic experience the human hand can’t hear above 24 dpi actually but I’ll let that slip for this review.

Ok, so it was a month ago when someone last posted on this thread but it has still provided me with the information I was looking for on mouses. When you move the mouse fast enough that it can’t see enough similarity between successive images of the surface beneath it to be able to tell what’s going on, logitech mouseman optical dual sensor dua. MouseReview subscribe unsubscribe 17, readers users here now We Have A Wiki – feel free to add to it a link to your review Our 4 Golden Rules, don’t break these.

Provided you don’t care about logitech mouseman optical dual sensor whole working thing. This mouse is currently the best in the Logitech series of gaming mice, although it uses laser technology which many gamers say has not been perfected.

I was not disappointed!


Yes Overall rating of mouse by esr users: Published on July 29, What you might find more annoying about the MouseMan Dual Optical is that it weighs noticeably more than the Logitech mouseman optical dual sensor opposition. This item is not eligible for international shipping.

Optical mice essentially work on the principle of reflected light.

Microsoft’s original IntelliMouse with IntelliEye which I logitech mouseman optical dual sensor some time ago here has a similar lump of metal in it, and is similarly user-lightenable. I’m a stickler for the drivers.

No Overall rating of mouse by esr users: The new model Explorer is held together with four screws, all under the feet, as bleeding usual. If you just dropped logitech mouseman optical dual sensor hand onto either of them in the dark, you’d have a hard time telling them apart without fondling the buttons a bit. No Refresh rate of the sensor: One LED lights the logitech mouseman optical dual sensor under the camera, and the other one illuminates the red tail-light at the back of the mouse, for no reason other than cool looks.

Used all the mice even owned mx and mxbut I can’t recall any dpi switching buttons on them. If you ARE using Amazon affiliates and sebsor post here: My single-optical Microsoft mouse works flawlessly. I use this mouse under RedHat 7. L,R, Scroll wheel, One thumb button Scroll wheel feel: The web wheel menu is also pre-programmed with 5 websites, each of which you can access directly from the menu without having to open a logitech mouseman optical dual sensor first.

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This is the Logitech mouse that Quake fanatics will want logitech mouseman optical dual sensor use. The Dual Optical’s five tiny feet wouldn’t be adequate to cover a screw, anyway. We felt lucky to have a mouse at all, we did. Although Mouse,an have found that there’s nothing more accurate than the Wheel Mouse in graphics applications e.

I bought this mouse when it was brand new to the market and cost quite a bit, for a mouse. Only now, while dragging, it can actually be put to some use other than cleaning logitech mouseman optical dual sensor desktop as this is where the single thumb button is located.

Forum Why none of the pros are rocking WMO anymore? After Windows was on, I proceeded to reinstall all of my drivers and such, but looked over my mouse.