To limit the current to under 2 amps, you need:. The ratio of the “on” time to the “off” time determines the current through the injectors. Signs of an impending flyback failure are: Send a private message to Twodoor. For chafe protection, be sure to install a grommet at any point a hose passes through a panel or bulkhead. The data is nice, for sure, and the car runs with the data.

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Use screws to fasten the heat sink.

With better flyback control, you can reduce injector opening times recall that the injector opening time is really the sum of the opening and megasquirtt timesand increase the duration of the ‘controllable’ part of the pulse width i.

The heat sink should just be tall enough to allow the FlyBack board to slide underneath it when it is installed in the lowest slot injwctor the upper case. What do the version numbers mean? Install all components on the top and solder on the bottom except for the 5 transistors which are inserted from the bottom and soldered on the top.

ID1000 data for Megasquirt from Injector Dynamics

Note that for either port or throttle body injection you can use multiple throttle bodies to support megasquitt power levels, if your manifold configuration can be adapted for them.

I am using cc rx7 turbo injectors with the purple top.

Make sure the leads of the transistor will not touch the heat sink! Only the bare boards are available below. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to megasquitr a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Send a private message to slowcarfast.

Megasquirt : Injector Dynamics Support

Find More Posts mevasquirt Twodoor. At 12 volts, the operating pressure is PSI with gals per hour. For example, if you allowed 2 Amps through four 1. Home About Contact Sitemap. I am planning on wrapping it with some exhaust heat wrap.

Here is an example of a low impedance injector’s pulse voltage, current, and fuel flow: Fuel delivery is always good with EFI well, mostly. Only the amount of fuel actually injected moves, and the fuel can get quite hot, which may require special injectors, etc.

Throttle Bodies Your throttle body choice depends on whether you are going to use throttle body injection or port injection.

The closing time, however is controlled to a degree by the flyback circuit in the MegaSquirt.

Injector Dynamics Support

The heat sink metasquirt design to attach to the FlyBack board by the four transistor mounting holes. They have two styles of fuel rail extrusion. Originally Posted by Zaphod. The switch is on the drivers side in the trunk, near the trunk hinge, mounted so that it is between the interior bracing and the rear quarter panel protected from being knocked around if you stuff your trunk full of stuff.

Try and let us know how it works. Use injector resistors or flyback board. I made a few small adjustments innjector account for my turbo and was able to get the car to start and idle. This is not emgasquirt with resistors, unless you devise a way to bypass them during starting like the older cars did for the ignition coil.

The Flyback board must be used in conjunction with embedded code version 2. As part of the project I want to build an injector test bench so I can really dial in numbers for individual injectors.

The mounting holes allow the board to be mounted in a non-standard case or to be mounted in a standard case but directly to the case instead of being in one of the slots. Hey guys thanks for the quick responses. Multi-board installations and installations with a megasuqirt number of injectors can use similar connections.

The fuel supply lines for the top of the injectors are the same size.