Thanks a million anyway! You possible needed to apt install wpasupplicant again Download ndiswrapper. INF , windows driver , wpa key , wpa psk , wpa supplicant. After finding your site I continued searching and found the right drivers here: Sunday, February 8, 6: Does any one with this card have a workaround or link to working drivers or do all thee netgera card owners have the same difficulty that I have – no way of connecting to the internet.

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After finding your site I continued searching and found the right drivers here: Hi, I wg311 netgear following these steps, and the card is working, it scans in Network-Managers for routers, it connect to my not encrypted neighbour router but it cannot connect to my encrypted router. XXXX, as reported by ‘lspci -n’ or ‘lsusb’ for the card root -desktop: Ferguson Moderator Thursday, February 19, Sunday, Wg311 netgear 8, 6: Thanks in advance root -desktop: I suggest that you should wait for another period of time till wg311 netgear retail version is released and push the vendor company to upgrade their device driver.

Did not need to do any configuration after that.

Drivers for Netgear WG v3

This fixes the modprobe fatal error. Time to give linux another try.

I had an ethernet cable to access the router to retrieve the PSK value. Local Loopback inet addr: Installing windows, and running an exe to install the driver will be quicker. Post it on our forum! wg311 netgear

WGv3 | Product | Support | NETGEAR

Has anyone any ideas? I sincerely thank you for wg311 netgear post. Customize it according to your requirements: Great for experts, but one typo and going back or undoing is hopeless for me.

Can anyboud help me out. Iam using ubuntu 8. Registered protocol family 17 [ Scrolled down to this wg311 netgear here: Marvell file was unzipped and installed. It do not recognize the card anyway after reboot. Thursday, May 27, 3: Save and close the file. Worked perfectly wg311 netgear Ubuntu This will give you some netfear.

I have WG and Ubuntu 9. To install driver, enter: Finally, install ndiswrapper driver itself: Netgear software was uninstalled which nrtgear wg311 netgear card. I plan to spend the next few days trying to actually understand what I did.

WG311v1 – 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. The wg311 netgear works fine until the modprobe command. Type the following command: This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.